3 Things Your Tour Guide Won't Tell You About Paris

Paris Truths

Paris.  Beautiful women, great food, inspirational.  Or is it?

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What makes Parisian women so beautiful?  Is The Eiffel Tower THE place to visit for romance and inspiration? And what makes a restaurant top rated?


Are they more beautiful than you and me?  No.  What makes them stand out is their unique way of dressing accompanied by confidence.  There is not one style or trend a Parisian woman follows.  They look put together, make their own style and it works.

The Lovely Valerie

The Lovely Valerie


Sure, there are countless of recommendations that can be found on any given website about the MUST try restaurants in Paris.  But what makes them the best?  Overpriced and overrated. Try a hidden gem where the locals dine such as Bouillon Chartier.  The simplicity of their menu, the honest French cooking and the traditional old world decor is what makes this restaurant unique.


Yes, I find myself mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower every time, but as individuals, we differ so much and what makes the Eiffel Tower inspiring to me, may not be to you.  Have you ever walked the Luxembourg Gardens? Here, any man or woman, regardless of where they come from, whether poor or rich, can sit on a bench and be taken back by the beauty of the gardens.  This is most certainly a place of serenity, where one can reflect on life and be inspired by so much of the surroundings in their own way.

Would you like to share something you find unique about Paris no one talks about?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below or by dropping me a line!