Holiday Gift Guide 2016

holiday gift guide 2016

We've picked out some of our favourite goodies of 2016!  

  1. Our Roman Holiday Bracelet with its unique design is a perfect statement piece for any outfit!
  2. This Double Wrap Ring is such a fun piece, an every day staple!
  3. Luxury at its finest.  Our Updated Classics cashmere sweaters with flair.
  4. Lots of sparkle from this sterling silver nugget bracelet.  Make your wishes with this Three Wishes Bracelet.
  5. Such beautiful scents from these candles with all your favourite fashion icons from Pure Home Couture.
  6. The most exquisite, sensual scent, Music-Les Nombres D'Or by Mona di Orio.
  7. Amazing products, no harsh ingredients, top choice for all your hair needs!
  8. A magnolia in a bottle.  Can't stop slathering on this fabulous oil!