Mama's Pot of Beef

OK, here is a recipe for this very traditional Croatian dish. It was one of my Mom's favorite. I can't promise you a quick meal if you want to make this right, but the ingredients and the method is so simple, you will love it.  This dish is so can't-get-enough-of-it tasty!

beef recipe


1 small onion, cut up
1 lb of beef (cubed, for stew)
2 large carrots, peeled and sliced into 1/2" slices
1/2 lb of mushrooms
2 potatoes (optional)
2 tbsp of Vegeta (found in almost every supermarket)
1 tsp of hot chilly flakes (increase amount if you like it real spicy!)
1 tbsp of garlic powder (optional)
1 tsp of pepper


In a large pot, brown onion.

Add beef and brown on all sides.

Add carrots, mushrooms and potato.

Add Vegeta, hot chilly flakes, garlic powder and pepper.


Cover with water so that all ingredients are immersed.

Bring to boil.

Cover and reduce heat and let simmer on low for 1 1/2 hours.

Half-way through, taste and add more Vegeta if you find it not salty enough.

The reason for the long simmering is that the beef will come out ever so tender.
Serve with a green salad (oil and vinegar dressing), a nice loaf of bread (optional for my low-carbers), vino and enjoy!

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