A Stamping Party!

On May 19, we had a great night personalizing our jewelry at Noinkee's! Loved how creative people are with their choices of words.  For a woman's milestone birthday and the love of horses, her friend gifted her with our bracelet and the words "Giddy Up!".

We also introduced our new bracelets, Roman Holiday, inspired by an ancient Roman jewelry making technique.  The inspiration behind these bracelets was also the story of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.  It is said that an understated bracelet was given to Cleopatra by Marc Anthony out of respect for and not to compete with Julius Caesar, as he was known to shower Cleopatra with lavish gifts.

We'd love to host a party with you, in your store or with your friends for a personal night of shopping!  Just drop us a line! And stay tuned for another stamping party at Noinkee's in June!