Toronto Mamas - You Inspire Me!

As we celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, I think of the women in this City who have inspired me with their style, ambition, talent and a sense of originality.

Cathy Belzberg, Cathy B. Jewelry (@cathybelzberg)

This amazingly stylish woman inspired me to enter the world of jewelry.  I always admired Cathy's travelling adventures and bringing back the latest pieces of jewelry from Paris, London and New York.  I loved coming to Cathy's beautiful Forest Hill home jewelry shows and stretching my credit card to the limit. 

Arlene Dickinson, Venture Communications (@arlenedickinson)

Love watching this woman on Dragon's Den.  A perfect mix of business savvy and mothering instinct.  A single mom who pulled herself from poverty to creating one of the country's most prolific Communications companies.  Would love to pick her brain over a glass of wine!

Avery Haines (@cityavery)

Love Avery's ease of conversation to the viewer rather than the camera.  What an inspiring woman to have lived in the jungles of Costa Rica with her family for almost two years!  And often with no water or electricity!  A lifetime experience only a few would dare.

Iva Grbesic,  Falling in Style (@ivagrbesic)

This stylish blogger who doesn't believe you should give in to the gods of Mom Jeans is my kind of girl!  Love the advice and inspiration she gives to women of all ages on looking good and feeling good.  Amazing tips on trends, style and life!

Cindy Duplantis, Koi Hair Studio, (@cindyduplantis)

I stumbled upon Cindy some years ago when I desperately needed a fix after a hair cut gone horribly wrong.  Fast forward to present, my fellow redhead's achievements include becoming an expert on the Marilyn Dennis show and a stylist during the Toronto Fashion Week, just to name a few.  A true role model in juggling her ambitions and motherhood!

What an amazing City we live in with so many incredibly talented women!  Do you have someone you look to for inspiration?  Would love to hear from you in the comments below or drop me a line here!