Take Away Memories

We've all been there.  Buying endless souvenirs (how many keychains can you possibly be using??) and trinkets that most times end up in a lost and forgotten drawer collecting dust bunnies. Sometimes we get a little more creative - filling up a bottle of sand we've been lounging around in on that exotic Caribbean get-away only to become just a nuisance of a bottle and getting tossed with next week's garbage collection.

I will admit, I still can't resist a tiny Eiffel Tower key chain, but I have found a way to preserve a memory of a travelled place that will last a long time. Scents.  

On my last trip to Paris, France, I fell in love with the room diffuser in my hotel room, Papillon Rouge.  This Magnolia scent was naturally hunted down on Rue d'Aboukir

Now, every time I walk into my powder room, I think of that particular stay in Paris. 

When I was in search of a new, unique perfume, I couldn't resist the Mediterraneo by Carthusia while on a crazy shopping spree at La Rinacente.  Back home, this scent instinctively reminds me (and my credit card) of Milan, Italy every time.  


This past summer, while visiting my hometown Zagreb, Croatia, I accidentally stumbled upon a beautiful shop "Notes of Zagreb".  They carry heavenly scented room sprays, candles and diffusers, inspired by what makes Zagreb such a beautiful city.

There is a bottle of The Well of Life that sits on my work desk and every time I want to be taken back to my Zagreb, I spray a little bit of the goodness.

So now I've made a new tradition.  Instead of useless souvenirs, I look for a specific fragrance found in my place of travels that I can take away home with me.  I don't have to go very far to be brought back to that special place. I just have to close my eyes and savour the scent.