The Wacky Ways to Beauty

A couple of years ago, if you are a beauty junky like me, it used to be that if you visited Paris, France, you could not go home without picking up the wonder cream from their pharmacies.  The wonder cream in question was called Avibon.  The cream was packed with Vitamin A and did wonders for blemishes, dry skin and a boost for the complexion.  Best of all, it was very inexpensive.  I stocked up on these babies like they were going out of style. Unfortunately, they did go out of style.  The cream has been discontinued.

avibon, french pharmacies

On my recent trip to Barcelona, Spain, I had to pay a visit to a pharmacy in search of anything new and exciting I couldn't get back home.


Still dreaming of the day something similar to Avibon comes along, I had to ask the pharmacist if there was something in comparison. Lo and behold, there WAS something she was able to recommend:  Vitamin A capsules (Auxina A). Yep, the same ones you get at any drug store (various brands)!  This was her suggestion:  

  1. Break open a Vitamin A capsule with something pointy like a pin;
  2. Squeeze out the oil into your palm;
  3. Gently apply the oil around the fine lines of the eyes and on any other blemishes.
  4. Leave overnight.
vitamin a, retinol, skincare, beauty secrets

To my amazement, after having used the capsules for almost three months, I can happily report that I have found my skin to be much clearer and smoother with a more of an even skintone.

And not to worry, the oil will not clog your pores or make you break out.  

I would love to hear your stories and comments on this.  Do you have any unusual beauty routines? Drop me a line at  The wackiest beauty tip will win a sanči creation! 

Until next time,

Happy Travels!


P.S.  I may have found an alternative to Avibon....will report on this shortly!