Warning: Your Guests Will Love You!

New Favorite Cocktail

On my most recent trip to Paris, I was introduced to Kir.  I may be late in the game, but I had never heard of this drink before!

This light, fruity tasting beverage is usually served as an aperitif (but you can make an excuse to drink it any time you wish!).  Great way to start a dinner party, your guests will love you!

Here is what you need:

1.  One (1) part creme de cassis.  If you live in Ontario, Canada, this is what you will find in the local LCBO.

kir drink

2  Nine (9) parts white wine or champagne.  Kir is traditionally made with champagne, but white wine is an alternative.  Depending on your taste buds, choose whichever wine you prefer.  My personal preference is sauvignon blanc.

3.  Serve in a cute glass!